Inpartmaint Family & Friends Best albums of 2013





Chuck Loeb


・Jeff Lorber Fusion / Hacienda (Heads Up)
・Steve Gadd / Gadditude (Varese Sarabande)
・Will Lee / Love, Gratitude & Other Distractions (The Sinning Saint Ltd)
・Daft Punk / Random Access Memories (Daft Life)
・Keiko Matsui / Soul Quest (Shanachie)





Fabrizio Paterlini


・Nils Frahm / Spaces (Erased Tapes)
・Olafur Arnalds / For Now I Am Winter (Mercury Classics)
・Max Richter / The Congress (Ari Folman’s OST) (Editions Milan Music)
・Dustin O’Halloran / Breathe In (Drake Doremus’ OST) (Editions Milan Music)
・Saffronkeira + Mario Massa / Cause and Effect (Denovali)


*新作『The Art of the Piano』2/6発売!



haruka nakamura


・Lovasz Iren / Egi Hang – Sacred Voice (Siren Voices)
・Bill Evans / Jim Hall / Undercurrent (Blue Note Records)
・Mono Fontana / Cribas (Intoxicate Records)
・AOKI,hayato / atelier II (grainfield)
・Ametsub / All Is Silence (nothings66)



*Janis Crunchとの共作『12 & 1 SONG』(再発盤)発売中!



城 隆之 (no.9)


・Rob Simonsen / The Spectacular Now(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
・no.9 / The History of the Day (Liquid note records)
・高木正勝 / おむすひ (felicity)
・Metome / OPUS Cloud (Moph Record)
・Juana Molina / Wed 21(Crammed Disc)


*最新作『The History of the Day』発売中!





・Raime / Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (Blackest Ever Black)
・Fuck Buttons / Slow Focus (ATP Recordings)
・Autechre / Exai (Warp)
・Akiko Kiyama / Deviation (Nervmusic Records)
・Emptyset/ Recur (Raster-Noton)



Mayumi Hasegawa (miaou / felisie)


・Bleached / Ride Your Heart (Dead Oceans)
・Braids / Flourish // Perish (Arbutus)
・Grouper / The Man Who Died in His Boat (Kranky)
・Jessy Lanza / Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub)
・The Knife / Shaking the Habitual (Mute)



Moan (Shinji Masuko & Makiko Toba)


・Akron/Family / Sub Verses (Dead Oceans)
・Juana Molina / Wed 21(Crammed Disc)
・Laurie Spiegel / Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
・Maximum Joy / Unlimited 1979-1983 (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
・Bruce Haack / The Electric Lucifer (Columbia)


*1st『Think About Forgotten Days』発売中!





・The Focus Group – Elektrik Karousel (Ghost Box)
・Eddie Marcon – Kaminari Deng Gong (Pong-Kong)
・Pierre Bastien – Machinations (Rephlex)
・Hair Stylistics – Music For The Murder Festa (disques corde)
・Asuna – Aihara 1825, City Heim Kiri B-207 (Headz)


*最新作『Mitosis 』発売中!




Peter Broderick


・Bill Callahan / Dream River (Drag City)
・Colleen / The Weighing of the Heart (Second Language)
・Greg Haines / Where We Were (Denovali)
・Michael Hurley / Land of Lofi (Mississippi Records)
・Jeri-Jeri / 800% Ndagga (Ndagga)



Pierre Lefeuvre (SayCet)


1. Jon Hopkins / Immunity (Domino)
2. Boards of canada / Tomorow Is Harvest (Warp)
3. Daniel Avery / Drone logic (Because Music)
4. Moderat / II (Monkeytown Records)
5. Nils Frahm / Spaces (Erased Tapes)





Shai Maestro


・Gerald Clayton / Life Forum (Concord Jazz)
・Aaron Parks / Arboresence (ECM Records)
・Snarky Puppy / Family Dinner
・Beyonce / Beyonce (Columbia)
・Tigran Hamasyan / Shadow Theater (Verve Records)


*最新作『The Road To Ithaca』発売中!




渡邊 琢磨


・Molly Drake / Molly Drake (Squirrel Thing)
・Quasimoto / Yessir Whatever (Stones Throw Records)
・Tim Hecker / Virgins (p*dis / Kranky)
・Wolf Eyes / No Answer-Lower Floors (De Stijl)
・Brahms / Complete Chamber Music





Water Fai


・テニスコーツ / 違相 (円盤)
・goat / NEW GAMES (Headz)
・Daughter / His Young Heart (self-released)
・Mono Fontana / CIRCUELO (Melopea)
・Lizzy Mercier Descloux / Press Color (ZE Records)