epic45 / Weathered

wayside and woodland recordings


epic45の最新アルバム『Weathering』収録曲をThe Remote Viewer, The Toy Library, E.L Heath, The Gentlemen Losers, Jasper TXなどがリミックスした作品。 新曲「Leaving Traces」も収録。限定1,000枚です。

1. Leaving Traces
2. The Village Is Asleep (remixed by The Remote Viewer)
3. People Say This Place Is Slowly Dying (remixed by Charles Vaughan)
4. Leaving Traces (remixed by Fieldhead)
5. Ghosts I Have Known (remixed by The Toy Library)
6. Washed Up (remixed by The Gentlemen Losers)
7. Summer Message (remixed by E.L Heath)
8. Evening Silhouettes (remixed by Jasper TX)