Pascal Pinon interview (interview with Jófrìður Ákadóttir)

p*dis interviews vol.4
14th December 2010
interviewer: Kenji Teradaipastel recordsj

- First of all, why did you choose your band name as "Pascal Pinon"?, which is after the name of the freak show's star...

We were at a cafe shop choosing a band name and randomly opened a book about freaks and landed on a picture of this guy called Pascal Pinon. We all liked it because it didn't really say anything about the band and sounded kind of cool.

- I watched the footages you performed with 4 members on internet. Pascal Pinon are officially Jófrìður and Ásthildur?

Yes, we started out as four members but then some time ago the other two girls decided to leave the band and it was just Jófrìður and Ásthildur left. We always get various session players when we perform so there's really no difference.

- Please let me know how you started Pascal Pinon?

I think when we were fourteen we were at a concert and started talking about how cool it would be to be in a band. The next day we had a band practice and it turned out it wasn't so bad so we just kept on going and at some point entered a band competition and played shows and stuff, so it kind of just happened naturally I guess.

- For song writing, are you making the songs by your own? Which artists or bands influenced your music? Your parents also love music?

I write all the songs and remember I was listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara when we started the band. They make simple songs that are so good and always have amazing lyrics and were a great inspiration at least back then. Our parents both studied classical music but only our father works as a musician and has helped us a lot with recording and such.

- On "Reykjavik Grapevine issue 16", you were introduced like "teenage riot". How are you usually described by the Icelandic press?

We are almost always described as cute and low-fi, and often they mention our age and gender but it's different from time to time what they focus on.

- Do you have any artists or bands who you are close to?

The indie music scene in Iceland is pretty close altogether but of course we know some artists/bands more than others, like for example the other Icelandic Morr musicians and a lot of bands and band members go to our school so we know them or are familiar with them.

- Due to Icelandic twin sisters, some imagines múm i think. On my opinion, your music is also close to amiina...i could feel some kind of innocence, friendly tones and warm melodies. Do you like muLm and amiina?

Yes, we love both múm and amiina. Though we don't seek inspiration from these bands it's true that our music is at least in the same direction but I don't think that it is a bad thing at all. It's just a certain music genre.

- Please let me know how you signed with Morr music?

Our mother is actually a big fan of Morr music and for some reason saw on their website that you could send them a cd and they would listen to it. So we did and they liked it and all of a sudden we had this record contract! It was as simple as that.





- How did you record this album?

We borrowed a house in a small town outside of ReykjaviLk called Vogar à Vatnsleysuströnd for five days where we recorded our album. We had one microphone and a computer and just pressed the red button. It was not professional at all but that was never the intention anyway, nevertheless we
had to edit a lot afterwards.

- I watched the video on YouTube which you played in your room. There are some instruments that seem you used for recording...and i could find a good-looking microphone...looks impressive. Are you particular about sound recording?

This video is from our days in Vogar where we were recording the album. It must have looked weird since it was completely in Icelandic, but to answer your question we are not very particular about sound recording,

- I like 'i wrote a song', which is released as single. Where do your ideas for song writings come from?

My ideas come from my head, if that makes sense. I wrote a song is probably the second or third song we ever played together so for me it's always going to remind me of what we felt when we were starting the band and had no idea
of what was going to happen, or how different it would be after a year of this. My song writing ideas are for example a lot different now than they were back then, both because the band has changed and I'm maybe more mature, I don't know.

- You were nominated for "Newcomer of the Year" of Icelandic music award in 2009. Do you realize you get more popular?

We were really happy to get this nomination although it has been a long time since then. I suppose there is always some popularity that comes with these things but in my opinion that shouldn't have to be the most important part of it.

- I think you will make lots of wonderful albums in the the good studios, more professional playing and arranging...but this self-titled album is very special with a fragile magic, which seems like you now could make this. I heard you were making your sophomore album. How will it be

Currently we have no idea what the second album is going to be like! There are a lot of ideas going on about production and such but nothing is completely settled yet. So right now we are rehearsing the new songs and trying to make them sound good and then we'll see how the recording thing goes.

- Thanks for your answer. Please give your message to Japanese fans.

Thank you for the questions, we love Japan and are determined to visit some day and play a concert for you all, so hopefully we'll see you then!


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